Babysense Installation Guidelines


Installation of Babysense


Babysense Breathing Movement Monitor - Installation for Newborn Babies


Babies under the age of 3 months do not move from place to place while sleeping. USE ONLY ONE SENSOR PAD in order to ensure greater relative sensitivity. Make sure the sensor is placed underneath baby’s location in crib.


Babysense Breathing Movement Monitor - Babies Three Months of Age & Up


Babies begin to crawl and become more mobile at the age of 3 months. Now is the time to ADD THE SECOND SENSOR PAD and place the two sensors as instructed in the user guide. As the baby moves about in his or her crib, the two sensor pads will ensure that all of the baby's movements are monitored.


Testing your Babysense breathing monitor


Babysense sensor pads function at exceptionally high sensitivity levels. A few simple precautions must be taken, to avoid detection of other movement and vibrations from inside or outside your baby's room. See the "testing Procedure" in the Babysense parents guide, It is important to test your Babysense breathing monitor before its first use, and with each new setup or change.


Do not conduct performance test by picking up the baby out of bed
and waiting for the alarm to sound.